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It had been getting colder lately, and frankly, I wasn't too thrilled about that. The falling Autumn temperatures were one thing, but there was also the matter of the rain. It was so rainy this fall!

I grumbled as I grabbed my umbrella on another wet day. The rain was fairly light, but I knew it could suddenly turn into a deluge whenever it felt like it. Slightly parched, I grabbed a water bottle before shouldering my backpack and mentally preparing myself for the trip to my first class of the day, all the way across campus, in the cold and rain. Great.

A very, very bored spirit sat around, wishing it could do more than just mess with the rain a little bit, but it knew being seen by humans in this world was a no-no. The spirit was brand new to visiting this world, but even it knew that. There was no telling how a world like this would react, when most people here didn't even believe in spirits. As it lounged around, it saw a particularly grumpy-looking young man heading through the rain. The spirit sighed. It was always disappointing when people didn't appreciate the nature around them.

I walked by, oblivious to the spirit's presence, and took the last gulp from my water bottle. Up ahead was a little recycle bin next to a trash can. I stared it down, hefting the bottle a little in my hand, then smiled. I took a shot with the bottle, lobbing it at the bin, but it bounced off the side. Now, I fully intended to go over and properly recycle the thing now, but-

"LITTERING MORTAL!" shouted a deep, heavy voice. I turned to try to find the source of the voice, but nothing was visible, until the shape of a wolf started to fade into a strangely incorporeal existence. I shuddered involuntarily, and started to back up, stammering. "You disrespect nature so blatantly?! I'm afraid you must be punished."

"B- b- but..." I stuttered, before suddenly my mouth locked shut.

"No excuses," stated the spirit. "Just accept what comes next." He started to fade away, content to watch without comment.

A powerful gust of wind, stronger than I'd ever felt, struck my umbrella, up, out of my hand. I wanted to chase after it, but... I couldn't move my arms or legs! My breathing quickened as I tried to figure out what was happening. The rain falling on me began to glow.

My skin softened on my hands, as it darkened from my slightly tanned white tone to a darker tone. The changes to my skin swept up my arms and then across my body. I was, needless to say, confused. Now I began to lose size and height, every single part of my body shrinking until I was much shorter than my original 6 feet. My arms began to tone, becoming strong but by no means bulky, and my legs soon mirrored this, but the fat distribution left more fat proportionally at their proximal ends than what I had before. It felt, and looked, feminine, I thought with wonder and fear. My hands slimmed down into those more befitting a teenage girl. Gone were my big palms and stubby fingers. Now I had long, graceful phalanges. My feet followed suit, shrinking into a more delicate size. Mass started redistributing in my torso as I gained abdominal strength. Some mass traveled to my hips and derrière, and some traveled upwards, giving me a somewhat more female appearance.

Suddenly, and with a surprising lack of warning, my balls yanked themselves into my body, with... an alarmingly weird, squirmy instead of painful feeling. I gasped. I looked down, not that I could see beneath the pants, as my manhood shrunk down into just a part of a brand new womanhood.

Now I felt a strong pressure in my chest, as it began to grow two mounds. They stopped growing before they got particularly large, but I still had breasts now. There was no denying from even the most basic examination that I was a woman.

My neck tingled as it thinned, and suddenly my Adam's apple shot in, never to be seen again. I yelped in a much higher voice than expected, and started to feel a shift in my face. My blue eyes grew, becoming a deeper shade, as my face became younger and more feminine. My hair started to grow out, long and about the same shade of brown it already was. Two small bunches of hairs raised up and clipped themselves into two loops.

My body started to take on the glow of the rain as my shirt thinned and lengthened into a kind of robe, with a slit on each side over the legs. My jeans loosened and converted to the same material as the robe, as my shoes spread up onto my lower legs, armored themselves, and became boots. The material from my jacket split into three, the hood wrapping around my neck, changing into a necklace with a carving in the middle, and the remainder of the jacket split in half, each half going down one arm and reforming into what may be described as gauntlets.

I stood there, whimpering in the rain for a few seconds until I felt something like being dropped. I stumbled forward, disoriented and confused, and put my hands to my head. Water gathered around the hands and began glowing against my head.

Something was wrong. What was with my memories? Something, subtly at first, was shifting. Early half-remembered snippets of life as an infant converted to a completely different childhood. The impact on me grew. I remembered car rides to school with.... Car? What is that? I remembered my mother's death. I remembered my quest for revenge, and eventual reluctant mercy. My life was overtaken and overwritten by... my life. Katara's life. My attitudes shifted as I grew protective of my loved ones, especially... Aang. I welled up with courage and a strength of will, and I was Katara. My surroundings swirled and faded as I regained who I was, until I was in a flaming courtyard, my enemy-turned-friend Zuko on the ground after saving my life, and Azula, crown princess of the Fire Nation, clearly a little wrong in the head, leering at me.  Now I had to take her down, for my friend.
I wrote a story because I felt like it. I don't know if it's good or anything, but whatever. I also know MC isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I wanted to try it, so sue me.

Anyway, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my favorite series ever, and I haven't seen much TG content about it. So that's it. Enough said, probably.

Obviously I don't own anything from Avatar.
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Vyctorian Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016   Digital Artist
Nicely written changes. ^^
strawberry-tangerine Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Vyctorian Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016   Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^
themiths35 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
Very good! You should do more TLA characters, like azula.
strawberry-tangerine Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
We'll see if/when I get around to it!
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job friend
garfieldrulesus Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I love TG stories with MC. I think you did a great job. Hope to see more in the future.
Some people love it and some hate it! There's really no way to appeal to everyone, I suppose. Glad you liked it!
Anyway, no promises, but if the mood strikes again I may write something else. Who knows.
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